Contributions to IVF research in India

Offshoot of IVF Technology – novel sperm preparation and IUI in human infertility devised by Dr. Dastidar in 1982-83

  • The technology of sperm preparation in IVF, prompted Dr. Dastidar to venture introducing 100% motile sperm in uterine cavity in patients with unexplained infertility.
  • Dr. Dastidar was surprised to achieve series of pregnancies following such method, (later termed as IUI) during 1982-84.
  • These were among the first few IUI pregnancies in the world.

One of the pioneers in developing laboratory IVF Program in India since 1981. The first researcher to independently and indigenously develop India’s first IVF and embryology laboratory amidst financial and infrastructural constraints without any support from government or any agency. Independently developed laboratory techniques, protocols and quality control procedures. Possibly India’s first embryologist, largely self-trained.

Credited with delivery of India’s 2nd IVF baby in 1986.

One of the pioneers in the World to develop and introduce IUI technology since 1982-83, presented in 5th World Congress on Human Reproduction, Athens, Greece, 1985. There is no data or report internationally of any case of IUI before this. So this is a scientific discovery made in India for the first time but unfortunately not published subsequently as a full paper or patented due to which India and Dr. Ghosh Dastidar missed due recognition.

One of the first two groups in India to initiate research in ICSI since 1994 and credited to give birth of 1st ICSI-ZIFT baby in March 1995.

Credited to give birth of 1st single parent surrogate IVF baby in Asia in October 2005.

Currently India’s leading researcher in low-cost IVF research in order to develop simpler, more efficient and alternate technologies for infertility treatment in order to bring down costs so that our large poor infertile populations can avail of treatment. Progress reported in the meeting of the ESHRE (European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology) International Task Force for IVF in developing nations, held in Arusha, Tanzania. The only member in the task force from India.